3 Tips to Make Scheduling Your Social Media Posts Easier

Have you ever sat down to post to social media and your mind goes blank? Or maybe you spend HOURS of your valuable time each month working on figuring out what to post?

- N E W S F L A S H ! -

It doesn’t have to be this way! There are simple things you can do to help make scheduling your posts for Instagram, Facebook or any social media platform a little easier and way more efficient. Cause after all, time is money right?

I’m going to share exactly what I do when planning content for Elevenly and my clients plus different apps and programs you can use. 


Okay, so first things first, you need to plan out what type of post your are going to post each day. Remember back in school when your teacher made you brainstorm and plan out your essays by making a quick list of what each paragraph was about before you started writing. This is EXACTLY what you’re doing when creating your content calendar for social media. You’re organizing your thoughts and listing what type of post to share each day and on which platform.

At the end of each month, I spend 15 min creating a content calendar for the new month. I start by marking on a blank calendar any important dates or national holidays that I may be able to incorporate in a post (Here is a link to the site I use for a list of national holidays by month). Then I simply fill in the remaining days with a note about what kind of post I can share that day. Now, don’t worry about what the caption will be or which photo you’ll use in the post, just make a note of the type of post. Like this:

Monday, November 5:
FB: Testimonial
Instagram: Provide a Tip”

Some other types of posts are: behind the scenes, new product/service, inspiration, quote, humor, national holiday, portfolio piece, repost, FAQ or an article. 

Sometimes rather than just writing “Provide a tip” - I write on the calendar which product or service the tip is going to be about. This way it’s even easier when I go to sit down and write the actual post.


By creating a content calendar you’ll save time when sitting down to schedule posts because you won’t have to think about what type of content to share and you’ll be mixing it up. Plus, doing this will allow you to make sure your sharing different types of posts and information each day on your different platforms. 


I don’t know about you, but whenever I'm working on a project or laying in bed, my mind is running with ideas and I can come up with so many things I want to share on social media. But, whenever I sit down to start writing a week worth of captions my mind goes blank. So, now whenever I get an idea for a post I make a quick note in my phone, or on a sticky note at my desk or in a notebook I keep beside my bed. This way as inspiration strikes for a caption I can quickly write it down for later. Now when you go to sit down to write captions, you have your bank of ideas to work with!

You can also do the same thing with photos! As you come across photos that match your brand or aesthetic add them to a folder on your phone or computer! As I’m scrolling through stock photo sites for one client, I may come across a photo that would be perfect for another, so I quickly save it and then get back to doing what I was doing. By having an album of photos that already matches your aesthetic will save you time and help you to create a feed that matches.


We all know that having a cohesive feed that matches your brand is important. When someone comes across your Instagram or Facebook profile it may be the first time they are coming in contact with your business. You want to make sure they can visually see what your brand is all about. By using a scheduling app for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc it will help you stay organized and schedule out posts more efficiently. Plus, remember that bank of photos? You can add them right to a scheduling app for later if you choose too! I use the Plann app for this -


When I’m ready to plan out content for a week, I’ll sit down with my content calendar, my bank of captions and photos, and write out posts for each day right in my scheduling app. By doing it this way you can make sure your feed is visually cohesive and pleasing, and you can batch schedule a week worth of posts at once. Best part, some scheduling apps, like Later (cough, cough!), can automatically post to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for you! Just think about how much time you’ll save when you schedule out a week’s worth of content and not have to think about it each day.  



Once you start doing these three things you’ll see posting to social media isn’t as daunting and scheduling out posts for a whole week or two will become easier and more efficient! 

As always, I’m here if you need any help creating your content calendar or if you have any of other social media questions! Are you already doing any of these tips or have your own way of scheduling out posts? Let me know below!

Social MediaNicole Boyle