11 Ways to Use Pinterest for Your Business

Pinterest is probably one of my favorite ways to find a super cute outfit for an upcoming party or the perfect design inspo for decorating. But did you know, its also a great way for business to target their audience? Pinterest just celebrated reaching 200 million active users! I know, SO many people, right?! Which makes it the perfect way for a business to get their voice out there and increase traffic back to their website. These are some of the top ways to use Pinterest for your business.

How to Use Pinterest For Your Business


1. Business Profile

One of the first things you'll want to do is either switch your personal account to a business account or create one. One of the top benefits of doing so are the built in analytics. You'll be able to view data regarding your audience and see which of your pins are most popular! Really diving in and analyzing these numbers can be a great way to learn more about your audience and find out the information they want to see.  

2. enable Rich Pins

Being able to set up Rich Pins on your account is another benefit of having a business profile. Right now, there are 4 types of rich pins: App Pins, Article Pins, Recipe Pins and Product Pins. These types of pins display more information on the pin for your audience to view. For a Product Pin this could include the price of the product or even where to buy it. Definitely something you'll want to enable! 

3. Pin It Button on your website

On your website you'll want to set up the Pin It button so anyone viewing your site can pin a photo or article onto one of their boards on Pinterest. 

4. Relevant Boards

After you set up your account, you'll want to create several boards that are relevant to your business. Since Pinterest is a search engine, make sure to use key words in the title of the boards and descriptions. This will increase your chances of your boards and pins being found when a user searches for a topic. 

5. Collaborate using Group Boards

When coming up with your Pinterest strategy, joining group boards is a great thing to consider! In case you have no idea what a group board is, its simply a Pinterest board with multiple contributors. By collaborating with other user's on a group board it will increase your chances of getting your pins seen. Some group boards have 1000s of followers! 

6. Pin Useful Content

A business' goal when they join Pinterest should be to become a curator of content; the go to account for a specific topic. You'll want to make sure you are repining other user's pins as well as sharing your own content; just make sure to stay on brand! 

7. Interact with Clients

By using Pinterest for your business, it will give you another way to interact with your audience and potential clients. You can follow users in your target audience, repin other user's pins, and even respond to comments on your pins!

8. Promoted Pins

Similar to promoting posts on Instagram you can promote posts on Pinterest too. When you pay to promote one of your pins, you are increasing the amount of users that will see this pin. As a result, this increases the chances of it being repinned or even having a user click through to your website.

9. Promote Products or services

You can use Pinterest to promote your products or even a service. To do so you will want to create pins from your portfolio, or photos of products that link back to your website. Make sure to include a Call to Action in your description!

You can even suggest ways your product or service will be helpful to a client depending on which of your boards you pin it to. For example, if you own an online jewelry store you could pin to a Gifts board which suggests to your audience a way they can use your product! 

10. Share Blog Posts

If your business has a blog, you'll definitely want to create pins for each of your posts. Since Pinterest is all about the photo you'll want to create a graphic that grabs someone's attention and gets it repined. This is where your analytics can come in handy as you can see which graphics do best!  

Now, as far as where to share these pins, I'd suggest creating one board on your page specific for your business' blog. You'll also want to add the pin to your other relevant boards and group boards too!

11. Contests 

A business can also use Pinterest to engage with their audience by having contests. This could be as simple as encouraging your user's to post pins of your product. Not only will this increase the visibility of your business but will also help to create a sense of community. 


There are so many benefits to a business having a Pinterest account, and trust me, ALL types of business can benefit from having one. The best thing to keep in mind when setting up your account and coming up with your strategy is to figure out what type of content your audience will want to see and then make it happen for them!