11 Programs and Apps You Need To Be Using

Managing your own business can be very hectic at times. So why not give yourself a break and use some of the many programs and apps out there designed to save us time. Just think, getting your work done faster means more time to binge watch your favorite Netflix show. Sounds like a win win to me! 



1. Calendly:

Trust me, Calendly will help make scheduling consults and meetings easy! All you have to do is input your availability. Then you can generate a link to send to a client. They'll be able to go on and pick one of your available times that works for them. No more back and forth via email.  

2. Zoom:

Once you have a meeting scheduled, Zoom is the way to go. It's a video chat service that is totally free for 1 on 1 meetings. It's awesome cause you don't have to worry about your client having a zoom account or anything. You simply send them the link and they'll be able to join at the meeting time. So easy, right?! 

3. Asana:

Asana makes project management fun. I never realized it's full potential until I started using it with my clients. You no longer have to correspond over email or dig through your messages looking for certain attachments. Instead you can have conversations in Asana and even upload your documents. If you receive an email that you need to take action on later, you can forward that email right to Asana and it will be added to your task list. Everything in one place, who knew things could be so easy!

4. Tailwind

Who doesn't love scrolling through Pinterest repining cute pins? Except, it can be time consuming to manually repin a large quantity of posts. This is where Tailwind comes in. Tailwind is a pin scheduling app that makes life so easy. In one day I can schedule out pins for a 2 week period in maybe 1 to 2 hours tops! Tailwind will even schedule the posts to be pinned at optimized times specific for your account. Seriously, go check it out! 

5. Canva

Canna is like a mini version of Illustrator. I use the program all the time with my clients whether its creating customized pins for Pinterest or creating flyers for an upcoming event. It's perfect for just about anything. 

6. Flaticon

Until recently I didn't even know something as amazing as Flaticon existed. It is a search engine for free icons. Right, how awesome! You can even customize the icons to match your branding colors. Seriously. the. best. thing. ever!  

7. Bonsai

Bonsai is my favorite app to manage my contracts, create invoices, and even generate proposals. You can also report your expenses and track your time. Having everything in one spot makes it so easy. 

8. Unsplash: 

Unsplash is one of my favorites websites for free stock photos. It is very user-friendly and contains so many beautiful photos. 

9. Plann:

I love using Plann app to schedule my Instagram posts. You can also store sets of hashtags and the analytic tools are great too! It will keep track of your most popular photos, your follower activity and you can even see your color scheme for the last 12 photos! 

10. Vsco:

Hands down VSCO is the best photo editing app on your phone! They have awesome presets to pick from, plus you can make so many custom edits. I use it with all my own photos and client's photos for Instagram. Once you try it you will fall in love with it too! 

11. Linktree

Linktree is a total game changer for Instagram! As we all know (+ hate), you can't share links in your posts and you can only share one link in your bio. BUT, when you sign up with Linktree you'll be given a customized url to post in your Instagram bio. That link directs someone to your Linktree account which can contain multiple links. Say goodbye to constantly changing the link in your bio!